Video – Despite victory over ISIL, sporadic fighting continues in Mosul – Al Jazeera English


Published on Jul 12, 2017

Sporadic fighting is continuing in Mosul, a day after Iraq’s prime minister declared total victory over ISIL.

What’s left now is the shell of an ancient city, with a traumatised population.
Many who fled the violence are living in camps.

Al Jazeera’s Charles Stratford reports from Hashem Sham camp, in northern Iraq.

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Video – Sunni and Shia forces join hands in Mosul fight – Al Jazeera English


Published on Jun 17, 2017

Shia-led Iraqi forces are trying to win over Mosul’s mainly Sunni population. A Sunni fighting force is helping the army build confidence among locals and identify ISIL targets.
Al Jazeera’s Osama Bin Javaid reports from Erbil, Northern Iraq.

Video – Russia launches cruise missiles at ISIL targets in Syria – Al Jazeera English

Published on May 31, 2017

Russia has fired four cruise missiles at ISIL targets near the Syrian city of Palmyra.

They were fired from a Russian warship and submarine in the Mediterranean Sea.

Russia’s Defence Ministry says it warned the US, Turkey and Israel before launching the attack.

Video – Philippine army vows to save civilians trapped by ISIL-linked fighters in Marawi – Al Jazeera English

Under Siege
Marawi City
Marawi City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Published on May 31, 2017

The battle to re-take the southern Philippine city of Marawi from ISIL-linked fighters has dragged into a ninth day.

So far at least 19 civilians have been killed, along with 21 members of the security forces and 89 Maute fighters.

At least 2,000 residents remain trapped inside the city, cut off from food and supplies by the fighting.

Al Jazeera’s Jamela Alindogan reports from Marawi city, southern Philippines.

Video – ISIS Expands its Global Battlefield into the Philippines – HBO – VICE News


Islamic Center in Marawi City
Islamic Center in Marawi City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Published on May 31, 2017


The Philippine Army says it has retaken most of the southern city of Marawi from the ISIS-linked militants.

Militants linked to the Islamic State invaded the Filipino city of Marawi more than a week ago, prompting President Rodgrigo Duterte to declare martial law and step up the offensive against the rebels.

According to the government, more than 100 people have died during the fighting while thousands of civilians have fled to nearby provinces.

The civilians who remain are stuck between ruthless Islamic rebels, and a president who openly encourages atrocities against his own people.

VICE News reports from the ground in Marawi.

This segment originally aired May 20, 2017, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.